AAHP Committees - Summary of their duties and requirements of their members

Disclaimer: This is for information only, and believed to be reasonably accurate at the time of creation; the official rules are in AAHP Bylaws and Committee SOPs. It was developed primarily to let prospective AAHP committee members know what each committee does and what it requires of its members.

Members are selected from the Academy membership, nominated by the President-Elect of the AAHP and approved by the Executive Committee (except for Finance Committee).

All terms are 3 years.

The Chairman is selected from the committee members, as recommended by the President-Elect of the AAHP and approved by the Executive Committee

Standing Committees and number of members:
Continuing Education
Examination Site Selection
Professional Development
Professional Standards and Ethics
9 (1 from ABHP)
    Generic duties of each committee Chair:
  • submit an annual report to the Executive Committee
  • review the Committee SOP and recommend any changes

Appeals Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • review the appeals of health physicists who have been denied Certification or Certification Renewal by the ABHP.
  • report these results to the President and the ABHP Chair
    Other duties
  • none
  • rarely
    Member requirements:
  • not very demanding of time, unless an appeal has been filed

Continuing Education Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • identify developments in the field of health physics of which CHPs should be knowledgeable
  • encourage continuing education programs discussing these developments
  • establish the criteria that govern awarding of CECs in the Certification renewal program
  • evaluate and assign CECs for programs and courses submitted to them
    Other duties
  • organize 2 8-hr AAHP Continuing Education Courses at the winter HPS meeting
  • organize 3 8-hr AAHP Continuing Education Courses at the annual HPS meeting
  • as group at annual HPS meeting; periodically by e-mail or teleconference
    Member requirements
  • actively participate in the organization of the AAHP training sessions
  • review several batches of CEC applications per year
NOTE: This is a very important committee, as the continued high quality of the AAHP training sessions is a very important part of our income !
Examination Site Selection Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • select the appropriate locations for the administration of the Certification exam - typically 12 additional sites other than at annual meeting
  • select at least 2 CHPs willing to serve as site host and proctors at each site
    Other duties:
  • participating as proctor, or monitoring their activities
  • none
Member requirements:
  • willingness and ability to recruit 3-5 CHPs as local proctors and exam site hosts
NOTE: this is a good committee for reliable CHPs that are not able to travel to the national HPS meetings
Nominating Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • select 2 nominees for each elective office, affirm eligibility and willingness, submit to Executive Committee at Winter Meeting for ballot by the Academy membership
  • select candidates for each ABHP vacancy in consultation with ABHP, affirm eligibility and willingness to serve, and submit to Executive Committee at Annual meeting.
    Other duties:
  • solicits and recommends nominees for the Joyce Davis Award to the Chair, Ethics Committee
  • solicits and recommends nominees for the Wm McAdams Award to the Vice Chair ABHP
  • at annual and winter meetings, where possible
  • most business conducted via e-mail
    Member requirements:
  • outgoing and willing to recommend and contact candidates for the various vacancies
NOTE: This is a very important committee as the quality and long term viability of the Executive Committee and the ABHP depends upon the quality of the candidates selected by this committee.
Professional Development Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • expand and enhance the professionalism and benefits of Certification.
  • encourage and assist in the recognition and acceptance of Certification by others
    Other duties:
  • propose and prepare Standards of Qualification and Practice (SQ/Ps)
  • organize and coordinate the ABHP booth at winter and annual meetings
  • review and recommend action on licensure and registration issues
  • mostly by e-mail
  • group meeting typically at Annual HPS meeting
    Member requirements:
  • suggest activities to promote Certification
  • assist in writing and reviewing Standards
NOTE: For the potential long term benefit to the Academy membership, this is one of the most important committees. Members with creative ideas to promote the benefits of certification, and the energy to pursue them are really needed here.
Professional Standards and Ethics Committee
    Bylaws Duties (paraphrased)
  • define the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CHPs
  • review all complaints about the ethical practice of CHPs
    Other duties:
  • serves in the selection process for the Joyce Davis award
  • as necessary at annual and winter meetings, otherwise by e-mail
    Member requirements:
  • not very demanding of time, unless complaint has been filed.